Planning & Business Development Management

Developing ventures with other medical groups, hospitals, and other third parties is critical for diversifying the risks
associated with relying on an “eat what you treat” approach to the medical industry.

Determining the appropriate course of action and structure for development is often complex and
requires a thorough examination of potential opportunities, competitors, and legal/regulatory constraints.

WeCare Co. specialists follow a structured approach in the identification, development and implementation of joint
ventures, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, and corporate reorganizations based on client’s defined goals
and objectives.

We have significant experience in strategic planning, facilitating discussions, negotiation, and implementing ventures that provide aligned incentives and positive financial outcomes for all parties involved and identifying key strategies to help our
partners’ business grow through :

  • Market definition: identify customers, products, competitors, methods of competition and key success factors.
  • Market survey and growth analyses: size specific markets, understand key trends and growth drivers.
  • Competitive analyses: understand competitive environment, assess competitors’ strategies and strengths & weaknesses.
  • Strategic process management: assist managers across business units to create individual strategies and run workshops to achieve collective agreement on strategies & studies.

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