Financial Management

WeCare Co. Finance Department is responsible for preparing financial accounts, providing analyses, reporting financial performance, executing day-to-day accounting transactions, overseeing cash flow management and budget planning.

WeCare Co. maintains external relationships with banks, creditors and financiers to oversee funds.

We also manage internal and external audit activities and ensure management of corporate finances, in conformance with all appropriate financial controls, systems, and processes, while ensuring accuracy and integrity of the company’s financial records.

WeCare Co. Finance Department plays a key role in setting the financial framework for long-term planning and medical centers financial decision-making.

Medical Billing Management:

For many healthcare organizations, achieving and sustaining profitability require expertise in billing, coding, and accountsmanagement.

WeCare Co. offers a range of medical-billing services and record-management services.

We understand that project planning must take into account predictable factors as well as unexpected events and developments.

WeCare Co. medical billing services alleviate internal budget and personnel pressures while facilitating maintenance of operational integrity and a greater profit margin.

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