About WeCare Co.

30 years ago our journey started, in 1989 we managed one of the oldest clinics in Kuwait (FAISAL POLYCLINIC).

Starting from the establishment to the success which is being achieved these days. WeCare Co. focuses on providing our clients/
partners with the highest quality of healthcare consulting, management & operating solutions available worldwide.

We are ready to support our valued clients/partners by running one or more facilities with our deep experience in Kuwait.

We enhance your chances of success by global standards

- At WeCare Co. we combine our extensive experience, proven knowledge and time-tested skills to create additional opportunities for our clients/partners to achieve success.

- WeCare Co. create the perfect solutions that lead our clients/partners to new level of success, with achieving robust profits, increased productivity and more efficient management.

Our Sustainability Development  Initiative: 

Our vision

Be the first choice for a medical & healthcare management for doctors and communities on respecting  the  environmental laws and ensuring a green growth economy for society of Kuwait.

Our Principles 

Wecare is committed to providing products and services that enhance the lives of our customers, employees and communities, and to do so in an increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly manner. As part of this commitment we will provide products and services that support sustainable infrastructure development and the efficient use of water. We will work to improve our use of raw materials, energy and water in choosing of our equipment’s and provision of our services, and we will strive to reduce emissions, discharges and wastes that our operations generate.

Wecare believes the crucial importance of corporate sustainable development is the people. we place importance to people development in all fields which include the health care management, financial management , engineering,  through emphasis on learning - sharing, linking experiences and new concepts of people of various batches so as to capture new body of knowledge and innovation to ensure the business be on par with the technology and changes in the digital era.

Wecare and all members of the Board of Directors have been complying with the good corporate governance principles, by realizing the significance of and responsibilities towards all shareholders and stakeholders of the Company.

Sustainable development reporting  (GRI standards)

Wecare will prepare the first sustainable development report in accordance with the reporting guideline of the Organization for Cooperation on International Reporting on Standard Sustainability (Global Reporting Initiative: GRI Standard.

C.E.O Message

C.E.O Message:


According to the State of Kuwait vision of 2035 and reassuring for the long-term development priorities which based on seven pillars for the investment and development to achieve  greatest possible impact towards the new Kuwait vision, one of the pillars of the State development plan is:

High Quality HealthCare

Improve service quality in the public healthcare system and develop national capabilities at a reasonable cost.

So, convoying to 2035 vision and based on the nature of our business as a healthcare comprehensive service provider in the highest quality, efficiency and cost effective, based on more than 25 years of experience in healthcare and its services, we have to be responsible of the quality of healthcare services that represent significant value to our society, individuals and families which adherence to international standards in medical services for our clients, medical centers of various types, both private and government sectors, to achieve their full potential and abilities in the high quality healthcare services.

To be the main provider of the healthcare services, at “WeCare Co.” we aim to be a well-recognized company for excellence and high standards of healthcare and treatments providers in the State of Kuwait, in accordance with the approved global and local standards, where we aim to be the first selection to the public in their choice of healthcare providers, accredited health services according to the global and local standards.

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