About US


“WeCare” is a Kuwaiti company that manages and operates medical centers and clinics. The company was founded in 2017 as the first medical business company in Kuwait to provide distinguished services in the healthcare department and the medical industry. Our business later gained great recognition through the level of services and care provided to its clients. This formed the cornerstone of “WeCare.” Since our establishment, “WeCare” has set its sights on improving the services provided to the healthcare sector by offering a comprehensive range of innovative solutions that contribute to the development of our clients and ourselves. In line with modern requirements, according to international standards, we serve to increase the chances of success. The company also aims to achieve and implement the objectives of the UN Program for Sustainable Development.


01. Vision

To lead the medical and healthcare management sector for doctors and communities, respect the environmental laws, and ensure a green growth economy for Kuwaiti society

02. misSion

To build the best practice in the healthcare management industry in the region in accordance with Kuwait 2035 Vision and the UN Sustainability Program.

03. values

To ensure a safe, equal, and motivational workplace.

To Maintain the highest ethical and international standards in our business practice. 

To strive in improving our quality of work.

Our Goals

Lead the market as a first-class service provider to medical and healthcare institutions and authorities.

Contribute to the “New Kuwait Vision 2035” in elevating the medical and healthcare services offered to the society.

Expand our operations to include emerging regional marketing in the coming 5 years.

Aid in enhancing people’s lives through the quality of services provided to the medical and healthcare institutions and authorities in line with the UN Sustainability Development goals.

Place UN Sustainability pillars that apply to the healthcare services.

Our Team

Fawaz Khalaf


Fadhel Abdulrahman

General Manager

Afrah ALKhabbaz

Projects Director

Yousef ALOwaisi

CRM Manager

Ahmed AlHerz

Human Resources Manager


Finance Manager

Dr. Mai Ali Jaber

Pharmacy Manager

Abdulrahman AlWadi

Project Manager


“WeCare” is proud to be one of The National Fund for SME (Small-to-Medium Enterprise) development. Because our business objectives are aligned with the Kuwait Vision 2035, this aims to transform Kuwait into a financial and trade hub. With that, the private sectors attract investors and lead the economy under the umbrella of government institutions. To accentuate values, safeguard social identity, and achieve human resource development, “WeCare” balances the development, provide adequate infrastructure, and inspire business environment. As a specialized service provider in the medical and healthcare sector, we strive to utilize our experience to proficiently operate the business procedures we manage by promoting production and being cost efficient. Therefore, we achieve the Kuwait Vision 2035 in the medical sector.