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Project Management

The Project Management and Business Development department is the backbone of WeCare that defines
and maintains all the standards for the projects we manage. Thus, consisting of responsibilities and
services to allow the smooth flow of our business.


Customer Relations Management

The Customer Relations Management (CRM) service is a sensitive and crucial element of the business that
requires our team to have a compassionate, calm natured, professional manner as it deals directly with
customer inquiries, complaints and issues. Our well-trained team brings a high level of efficiency and
expertise to take care of customers by applying Call Center and Reception services.


Building and Facility Management

The main objective of the Building and Facility Management department isto enhance patient experience
in the medical/healthcare industry. Through maintaining a high level of professionalism, WeCare provides
a practical, hands-on approach from the facility management team that empowers the work of our
project management through a variety of services.


Human Resources and Administration Management

HR operations 

Compensation and Benefits 

Personnel Management 


Government Relations



Financial Management

At WeCare, we offer a broad range of customized solutions for our clients focusing on their individual
needs. Because we understand the distinctive need and cash flow concerning each client, WeCare relies
on a professional financial team to offer a wide variety of services.


Purchasing Management

WeCare purchasing team studies the market, prices, and quality of products to provide our clients with a
variety of the best high-end products, that are reasonably priced, to ensure the satisfaction and
guarantee for our clients.


Marketing & Public Relations

The Marketing and Public Relations Management department works as an integrated marketing agency
under our corporate umbrella. The aim of this service is to provide continuous support for the medical/healthcare companies by offering tailored solutions to each customer based on the firm’s field, targeted clients, and budget.

Our services include: 

  • Creative digital and print designs
  • Branding
  • Social Media Management
  • Onsite Marketing Audit
  • Film and Animation
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Communications and PR plans.


Information Technology (IT Infrastructure)

Because medical and healthcare companies need total and complete focus on patient’s healthcare,
without the distraction of technological factors, our IT team provides a broad knowledge and innovative
consultancy options for this ever-revolving industry.


Building and Managing Pharmacies

WeCare also works on building and launching pharmacies. Starting from choosing the location, to supplying machines and equipment, WeCare keeps in mind all the requirements needed to launch in Kuwait.